For all my Bumiputera friends out there, congratulations — you have access to what might be the most generous investment opportunity of all time:

Every Bumiputera in Malaysia has the privilege to invest up to RM 200,000 into a special form of Amanah Saham, called Amanah Saham Bumiputera. You don’t pay any fees to invest in it, you don’t pay any charges when you withdraw your money, and it’s consistently given higher returns than other Amanah Sahams. What’s there not to like? (Unless you jelly…)

ASB is so special that banks will even give you 100% loans to invest in it, called ASB financing. This is probably the only time I would consider breaking the “never borrow to invest” rule.

p.s. Bumiputeras also have privileged access to ASD and ASB2.

Typical Returns (ASB):

7-10 % per year

How to Start:

 As above — like any other Amanah Saham.

Best Places to Compare / Learn:

About ASB

ASB Financing

About ASB

ASB Financing

Even the great financial writer Pakdi himself once said:

“For Bumiputeras, maximize your ASB and Tabung Haji first, before anything else.”

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