If you’re the geeky type (like me!) that likes to read finance news, you’ll often see the words “bonds” and “stocks.” We’ll cover stocks/shares later, but bonds are traditionally viewed as a less-risky partner to stocks.

For example, you’ll also see a lot of “traditional investing” articles saying things like “80% stocks 20% bonds” when you’re young. And “40% stocks, 60% bonds” when you retire. The idea is to balance the higher risk in stocks by buying more-stable bonds

What happens in a bond?

When you invest, you’re basically lending your money to a company/government — and they’re paying you interest (because why should you lend them money for free?).

Typical Returns:

 4-9% per year

How to Start:

Up until recently, it wasn’t easy to directly invest into bonds in Malaysia (unless you’re damn rich). But now, you can:

  • Buy ETBS on the Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange. (Minimum investment: RM 1,000. You’ll need a stockbroking account to do this. More at “Stocks” section below.)
  • Buy Bonds on a platform like Fundsupermart. (Minimum investment: RM 10,000)

Best Places to Compare / Learn:

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About Bonds

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“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

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