For all my Bumiputera friends out there, congratulations — you have access to what might be the most generous investment opportunity of all time:

Every Bumiputera in Malaysia has the privilege to invest up to RM 200,000 into a special form of Amanah Saham, called Amanah Saham Bumiputera. You don’t pay any fees to invest in it, you don’t pay any charges when you withdraw your money, and it’s consistently given higher returns than other Amanah Sahams. What’s there not to like? (Unless you jelly…)

ASB is so special that banks will even give you 100% loans to invest in it, called ASB financing.

Amanah Saham are “Trust Funds” (similar to Unit Trusts) created by a government-linked investment company, PNB. And to me — these are some of the most underrated investments in Malaysia.

What PNB does is, they’ll take money from you and me, combine it into a monster (think billions of Ringgit) account — and then use that money to invest in things like stocks and bonds. And because they’re really good at investing, they make good money, and then pay it out (dividends) to you and me.

There are two types of Amanah Saham funds: Fixed-price funds and variable-price funds.

Fixed-price funds:

ASB, ASW 2020, ASM, ASD, AS 1 Malaysia, & ASB2,KOMAS SAHAM

Variable-price funds:

ASN, ASN Equity 2, ASN Imbang 1, ASN Imbang 2, ASN Equity 3, & ASN Sara 1

The fixed-price funds are fantastic (no sales charge, and consistently-good returns!). But I can’t say the same for the variable-price funds due to their meh returns and high sales charges. I’d stick to the fixed-priced ones for now.

Typical Returns (Fixed-priced Funds):

6-10% per year

How to Start:

The challenge with Amanah Saham has always been getting hold of them. The fixed-priced fund units are limited, and some even have race-based quotas. You can try getting units at the ASNB website. (Remember to sign up for an account first — by visiting an ASNB office or one of their agents, which includes banks and post offices.)

The other way to get hold of Amanah Saham is when PNB launches new funds. This is when you’ll see poorly-dressed aunties lining up to buy with thick bundles of cash. Don’t judge!

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How to Sign Up in Bahasa

Comparison Table

How to Sign Up in Bahasa

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