Ah, good old fixed deposits. What your mother and my mother feels most happy about putting money in. Fixed deposits are viewed as the safest of safe investments: You put your money in the bank for a fixed period, and they pay you interest for trusting in them.

Why is it so safe?

Because the banks literally guarantee it — and the government will even protect by PIDM 250K pay you back, in the unlikely event the banks go bankrupt.

Typical Returns

3-4% per year(Year 2020 1.9%-2.75%)

How to Start

Most banks already have e-fixed deposits at their online banking portals. Log in to your account and apply directly online! (Alternately, you can go to the bank with your mother.)

Loss in inflation :

Money in bank only can be a essay way to withdrawer for emergency fund ,but not ready the place of save money.(inflation in Malysia 4%-8%) depend your lifestyle and the city to live

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