A series of strategies help you create ideal passive income and let your money work for you (worth RM7,996.00)

In 28 years, accumulated experience through managing assets over RM 200 million. No matter how much you earn, we will help you start building more than one million retirement assets right now. As long as our customers follow our strategy, at least RM2,000.00 start min extra passive income until achieve your financial freedom gold before retirement age. (the endless source …)

Financial success thinking (worth RM4,996.00)

KL SKY SOLUTIONS years of experience let us understand that the biggest difference between customers and ordinary people is only thinking. Ordinary people are unsuccessful in managing their finances. The problem is that there is no strategy, no direction, no self-confidence, etc. So we specially arrange professional coach (because the key to success is “financial management is affected by emotions, social and family pressures”) to help guiding until success your wealth goal. From NLP financial system, we help you handing your emotional and know work hard & work smart in between get the best result.

Tailored and proven effective financial blueprint (worth RM4,996.00)

The correct financial blueprint only needs to be designed once, and is proven to life time! We only have to generated out direction, can clearly figure out when to retire early? How much passive income in your hand every month? Then select the most suitable financial tool according to your risk tolerance, and you only have to cooperate with KL SKY SOLUTIONS exclusive strategy to manage wealth successfully.

The whole set of professional one-to-one financial management coaching leadership strategy

What you will get is :

  • A series of strategies to help you create ideal passive income let your money work for you (worth RM 7,996.00)
  • Financial success thinking (worth RM 4,996.00)
  • Tailor-made and proven effective financial blueprint (worth RM 4,996.00)
  • Plus Special gifts (worth RM 1,999.00)

Worth a total of RM 19,987.00. But today you only need RM98.00

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